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Why Text?

We believe in text-based communication as the most efficient way to bring businesses and customers together. It's timeless, empowering, and global. It's the most popular way to communicate in an online world. 

In its technical form, the text is a starting point for creating, transferring, and processing data that later is used in audio, graphic, and video design.

What does it mean for our nearest future?

Our competitive space and business environment are changing faster than ever, and this is a part of our response. We’re once again confirming our area of expertise and a clear focus for our products.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our strong bet is customer service automation in all of our products. Repetitive tasks will sooner or later be automated. Models will be created and taught to increase the performance and efficiency of work. The character of the work of customer service professionals will evolve into the role of AI systems trainers and managers. This all means we need to be fast to react and quick to learn. 

What happens with LiveChat Living Constitution?

It has served its purpose, we're leaving it behind. We are opening a new chapter and adjusting the organization to what is happening in our industry.

Why Text brand?

This name is strong. It’s memorable. It’s technical. It reflects our area of work and years of expertise. 

And unlike other names, we were able to acquire the .com domain quickly. This allows us to move forward immediately.

We are no longer a one-product business and the company name was long overdue. In the upcoming months, Text will become our company brand and will replace both Polish (LiveChat Software S.A.) and US (LiveChat, Inc.) entities.

This is just the beginning of the journey. will eventually become a new home for company-related materials. It will host and present the big picture of our work and the strategy of the company, telling the story of what we do and where we are headed.

It will present our products and all the pieces of the ecosystem. We will also gradually move there the company-wide sections, such as Success, Careers, Press Office, Incubator, and Investor Relations.

Who is it for? will be our attempt to communicate with multiple groups. 

For now, this website is for people from our organization - so we simplify communication and give you a clear direction for the future.

Over time, we will add sections for other groups, such as:  

  • Our customers - so they know what to expect from us
  • Contractors
  • Investors
  • Developers and online communication enthusiasts
  • Journalists


What about current plans, tasks, and focus? Should we cancel or move those projects?

You're the owner and the best person to make that decision. We strongly advise you not to be afraid of making a bold decision. We had many projects in the past that took too long, so long it was tough to decide to stop and remove them. We believe that changing focus to text intelligence allows everyone in the company to think whether their projects are the most important thing they can work on and most valuable for our customers.

What has a greater priority - new company goals (broadly understood automation) or team goals? The number of joining users seems to be matched poorly to the three checkboxes established in the vision. What should we focus on?

We're aiming to create assisted customer service and later to make it automated. It does mean fewer people focused on chatting only in general. If that impairs your goal, change it to the one that allows you to work within a new strategy and simultaneously motivates you. If the number of end-users will decrease, it will impact number of product users. Maybe it should be your secondary metric. If the number of end-users decreases, it will impact the number of product users. 

Do we have the appropriate resources to implement our plan in the given timeframe?

We have 300 people on board, millions of dollars to spend on ChatGPT or other providers, and thousands of ready-to-use APIs on the market. Sure, we're missing some roles and skills in the area, but we have already started recruiting (check this out). We do not have our own AI system (models), but the data team is working hard to start this topic, and there are many resources outside of the company we can use before we will build something ourselves. What else do we need apart from being open, focused, and motivated? Tell us in a chat. 

We aim to tick off these three goals in the next three months, but what does that mean for us? When will we be able to say that they have been implemented, and under what conditions? What are the expectations for teams here?

Each product team presented its roadmap and plans that will tick the goal. See them here.

If we strive to achieve these goals in three months, is there a goal behind it that we may not see, e.g., the desire to tell the client that we meet them?


There are no hidden goals; we're keeping the communication transparent. Right now, we're focusing on making sure everyone knows what to do and why. All projects we'll work on should be public to the customer so features and products will speak for themselves

How will support its employees in implementing new tasks, expanding knowledge, and acquiring skills to help achieve goals related to implementing AI in applications?

Our plan is as follows:

  • Giving strategy.
  • Enabling ownership.
  • Providing training and development opportunities.
  • Encouraging ongoing education and professional development.
  • Offering mentorship.
  • Creating a culture that values growth and delivering customer value. 

Additionally, we will give you access to resources and tools to help you stay current with the latest developments in AI technology. 

What are the next steps?

We are building a text| page step by step, iterative, with no extensive campaigns or hype. Mariusz is responsible for the project, and he dictates the next steps. He would do it all the time.

What are the consequences of not delivering the goal?

Losing a chance to make a real impact on our customers. 


Product related questions

Should we rely on our AI solutions or external ones, e.g., ChatGPT? Should we integrate with them directly through the frontend or the backend?

However, it will make the value for the customer better. Does the customer care about it? I doubt it. So - how would you prefer to start? Let us know how we can help you make that decision. Our goal is to have in-house technology and knowledge. We need to be independent. Keep it in mind, and feel free to test other solutions to learn more. Talk with other teams (Data, ChatBot) to see what they have already created. 

We are currently testing ShapeUp; how do the new priorities relate to the planned and already started ShapeUp flow? 

ShapeUp flow is an approach to product development, like SAFE or scrum. It's up to you to decide how your team works. The Shape Up cycles are six weeks in duration, and some projects could take that much (or longer), but I would always ask myself a question: could we solve this customer's problem faster without losing quality? Usually, the answer is yes. 

In the absence of specialists in the field of AI and ML, how are we to know whether a given solution will be a success and how we are to implement this task?

  1. We do have AI and ML specialisst on board, and they're in Data Team; reach out to Marek Stępień to learn more. 
  2. The value of the project shouldn't be determined solely by the AI specialist. It's the customer using it which constitutes success. 
  3. If you need expertise in a field we do not support yet, you can:
  • Communicate what you need (to your leader, Filip Jaskólski or Marek Stępień - they'll be happy to provide);
  • Try to find out yourself with courses, books, and other resources. 

Is HelpDesk part of Text, for example?

Yes, text| is an umbrella brand, so HelpDesk is part of it. For the customers, it does not have to be exposed. They will see in the top bar of the page that HelpDedsk is a product under the text| brand. This will become more important when they log in to HelpDesk via It is unknown when and if this will work.


Brand related questions

What are the goals of the Text brand?

To clarify the focus for the entire company.

What’s the future of our product marketing since we acquired Text? How does Text affect our products?

That will not change significantly. We have a unique go-to-market approach and have built a set of recognizable product brands that allow us to acquire customers effectively. We plan to continue our work in this direction. 

Text will work as a company brand and background support to all of our product marketing activities. 

How will we work with Text, and what does it mean for the marketing team?

Text - the name has been chosen and is here to stay. The first version of the logo has been created and it is to be reviewed and confirmed in the upcoming weeks. This also means company materials will now include the Text logo and not product logos.

Who will work on the visual layer?

Maserafi is working on the visual layer, but every pair of hands will come in handy. Everyone can influence how the website will look like. There's a lot to do.

How should Text be visually positioned as a product/brand/service?

This is supposed to be a company page, not a product page. We sell nothing but a vision.

What and to whom do we want to say?

We want to focus on ourselves, be excited, and replace our constitution. It is supposed to be a place that attracts us and lives. Affiliate programs, careers, etc., are supposed to be here. It's all supposed to belong to text|. For us internally, but also for clients to get to know us, who we are, where we are going, what we believe in, etc. Besides, for investors, partners, for developers.

Where in the company strategy do we see the Text brand? What are we trying to accomplish?

We are building a new brand from the ground up. Currently, the Text brand will not be used directly as part of the company's product strategy. It will rather serve as a definition and description of the field of interests and a set of boundaries for our projects.

At the same time, all company-related projects will now use the Text brand - Employer Branding and Careers, PR, Investors, etc. Text will also replace all the product logos, i.e on the marketing materials such as clothes, stickers, etc.

To what extent can we still interfere with the idea and mission statement of, especially when communicating about AI?

We have a ready tagline on the website and a description of where we are going. We treat it as a vision. It is our base starting point, which will not change until then. Based on the idea, we build everything else. We can do anything here, the topic is open, but we will act quickly.

In terms of visuals - an open question, some things are starting to work well. For example, a logo is a very clever trick. This logo can be smuggled in many places where we cannot show graphics (e.g., Slack notifications). We can always show your logo.

The style is neutral to what we already have on,, etc. - for example, linking the careers page should not cause its redesign because it matches Let's experiment, but we should justify everything we do.

How does marketing connect to the product? Do we know what features they are developing and how the product will move towards the three points detailed on the page?

Filip is at the stage of establishing such a roadmap. Now we're doing a pivot. We have to redo our jobs. As marketing, we have to arrange our work with the product team in the context of their outcome. From the early ideas, we should work together.

Can we change the current style of fonts and gradients, and in general, is there any idea of a specific direction for design and marketing activities?

The products communicate separately, and should be supported in the background. Currently, the site is related to what is in our style. We have solid foundations for the style and do not plan to change it.

Is there a deadline - when the umbrella brand should come into force?

The umbrella brand has already entered into force. We will gradually develop it. We do not know how the world will develop according to AI or how it will be received. Maybe everyone will be working on automation, and we are one of the thousands of companies - then we will think about how to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it will be time to start a campaign.

Is the introduction of an umbrella brand related to any campaign? Not yet. We are not ruling it out at a later stage.

Where Text will be located in our communication?

It will be a company brand. We want to clearly separate the company and product brands. Company-related communication will be done under the Text name. Product-related communication will still be using the appropriate product name, with the Text brand in the background.

Who will be working on the branding/visual communication of the Text? Are these elements ready? (logo, website, etc.).

CCO + Creative Team.

How will teams collaborate in work on the Text website?

Creative Team. To be consulted with CCO. It’s up to us to decide where we want to take the website and the Text brand.

Is there a strategy/goal for Text?

Yes. It’s a tool to get the company up to speed for changes in the communication and customer service space. For more details, visit

Why has the decision about the domain purchase been made so quickly?

Because we wanted to show that we can still act quickly as a company and don’t need to over-discuss everything. The effect over the process. Better done than perfect. And this domain is now ours and perfect ;) 

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